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Frequently asked questions about PrimeVal Stressless for dogs

Why does my dog need Primeval Stressless?

Of course you want the very best for your dog. His health and well-being therefore come first. Dogs are very sensitive creatures and are therefore open to stress sensitive situations. Stress can be the result of trauma or changes in, for example, the home and environment (such as relocation or separation from the owners). Many dogs are afraid of loud bangs, such as thunderstorms or fireworks and can become very stressed. Traveling and staying in a kennel, as well as when the puppies leave the mother dog, can cause a lot of stress for the dog. Dogs from the shelter are often stressed, because they have been through a few things and often have a chronic lack of security. Just like with humans, stress is not good for your dog. Long-term stress can lead to health and behavioral problems. Furthermore, the immune system can be affected. So it is important to avoid stressful situations in your dog as much as possible. If this is not possible or if your dog remains stressed, PrimeVal StressLess offers a solution for the dog.


What does Primeval Stressless do?

PrimeVal StresssLess is a unique soothing supplement that reduces anxiety and helps your dog to relax. The soothing herbs and nutrients in PrimeVal StressLess reinforce each other, tackling the dog's sensitivity to stress on several points. PrimeVal StressLess is a natural product that soothes without drowsiness, is not addictive and does not give you habituation. It is very suitable for use in dogs with separation anxiety, fireworks anxiety and, for example, stress before a visit to the vet.


Can I give Primeval Stressless to my puppy?

Yes, PrimeVal StressLess can also be given to young dogs. It will reduce stress (and thus improve behavior). StressLess is also regularly used by (young) dogs that receive behavioral training, because it not only provides peace of mind, but also promotes concentration.


Can I give Primeval Stressless to my pregnant or lactating dog?

PrimeVal Stressless has been studied in non-pregnant dogs. It contains amino acids and herbs of which the effect and safety are guaranteed, but of which sometimes too little research data is known to be able to guarantee with certainty that they are also suitable during pregnancy and lactation. Incidentally, there are no known negative consequences of administration to pregnant dogs of this product. Sufficient data is still lacking, and PrimeVal has the policy to discourage a product.


My dog has epilepsy and gets phenobarbital, can he use this in combination with Primeval Stressless?

Phenobarbital should not be used with medications that affect liver enzymes such as the enzyme cytochrome P450. PrimeVal Stressless has no influence on this. As far as is known, when used as directed, there are no significant interactions with other medicines, foods, drinks or other substances. So it can be used in addition to existing medication.