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Frequently asked questions about PrimeVal Gelatinaat for horses

What is gelatinate and how does it work?

PrimeVal Gelatinate consists of 66.57% collagen hydrolyzate, which contains a special amino acid spectrum. Amino acids link together in chains of which thousands of combinations are possible. Many of these combinations correspond to a type of protein found in the horse's body. The special amino acid chain of PrimeVal Gelatinate corresponds to that of the cartilage in the horse's joints and is a major component of the connective tissue, hooves, bones, tendons, ligaments and skin. PrimeVal Gelatinate versus glucosamine Without prejudice to the significance of glucosamine for the cartilage, it should be mentioned that Gelatinate has a broader effect in the body than glucosamine alone. Glucosamine is, in addition to chondroitin, MSM sulfur, omega fatty acids, calcium, copper, magnesium and iron, one of the most important nutrients for the cartilage. Gelatinate is also active in the bone, ligaments and tendons, hooves and hair; so in fact in the whole horse, except for its muscles.


How should I give Gelatinaat to my horse?

You can easily mix the PrimeVal products through the feed. PrimeVal Gelatinaat can be mixed with a little water or with PrimeVal Omega 3-6-9 through the food.


Can I also give my foal Primeval Gelatinaat?

Yes, you can start with PrimeVal Gelatinaat as soon as the foal stops drinking from the mare.


Can I give Primeval Gelatinaat to my pregnant mare?

Yes, that is no problem at all and is highly recommended during the last three months of pregnancy to support the skeleton of the unborn foal. You can give PrimeVal Gelatinate during the entire pregnancy and lactation period.


Can I give Primeval Gelatinate to my horse in combination with MSM and Glucosamine?

Yes, MSM and Glucosamine are fine to use in addition to PrimeVal Gelatinaat.


Can I give Primeval Gelatinaat to my horse in combination with pain killers and antibiotics?

Yes, the use of PrimeVal Gelatinate in combination with painkillers such as paracetamol and NSAIDs is no problem. The use of PrimeVal Gelatinaat is also no problem with antibiotics. There will be no interaction (interaction) with the food supplements. If your horse is on a drug that you are unsure whether you can use a dietary supplement in addition to it, it is recommended that you contact your veterinarian before use.


What is Fortigel®?

PrimeVal Gelatinaat® is now even more effective. New studies have led to a product with a better absorbability of the peptide chains. This bio-active form of FORTIGEL® is now used in all our Gelatinaat® products. FORTIGEL® is more rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. The peptide chains now remain even better intact upon absorption. FORTIGEL® is almost completely absorbed. Within 12 hours, 95% of the gelatinate ingested is absorbed. The effect of FORTIGEL® has been extensively studied and documented. The beneficial effect of FORTIGEL® on the joints has been confirmed in several randomized and placebo-controlled studies. PrimeVal is the exclusive provider of this high-quality FORTIGEL GELATINAT®.


What is the difference between Primeval Gelatinate and the effect of Glucosamine?

PrimeVal Gelatinate works differently from glucosamine; is better than glucosamine. PrimeVal Gelatinate has a broader effect on the cartilage than glucosamine. Cartilage consists of 70% collagen and almost 30% proteoglycans. Glucosamine acts exclusively on the proteoglycans, which corresponds to almost 30% of the cartilage. The innovative PrimeVal Gelatinate therefore works on almost 100% of the cartilage, namely on both the collagen and the proteoglycans. What is Gelatinaat and how does it work?