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quality guarantee

If you are not satisfied with a PrimeVal product, you can get your money back! We have drawn up a few rules for this. First of all, we assume that you have followed our instructions for use (included in each package) and the recommended dosage of the product in question in detail.


In addition, it is important that you have given the product and its efficacy a real chance! All PrimeVal products, when administered according to the instructions for use and with the recommended dosages, quickly show improvement of the relevant condition. But our products are completely natural; that is why it can take at least 3 months (with PrimeVal Gelatinaat, for example) before you can establish optimal efficacy. That is, by the way, long-term!

To be eligible for a refund of your purchase amount, the following is required

  1. A legible proof of purchase of your product, not older than 6 months.
  2. An original, although obviously opened, packaging of the product.
  3. Your correct statement of any complaints of your dog or horse, how and why (indicative or preventive) you have used and administered the relevant PrimeVal product, how long you have used this product, the living and / or working conditions of your animal, any concurrent veterinary treatment (s), and so on. And of course which result, or lack thereof, you have been able to observe.

If you can meet these conditions, click below for the quality guarantee form. We will then contact you by e-mail within a week. We will then let you know where you can send your proof of purchase and (empty) packaging. This partly depends on your place of residence. When we have received this from you, we will deposit your purchase amount into a bank account specified by you. We reserve the right to ask you additional questions about, for example, the use of the product concerned and the condition of your dog or horse.


The fine print of the PrimeVal quality guarantee

  • You can only make use of this quality guarantee once per PrimeVal product per name / address.
  • This quality guarantee is intended for the end user of the PrimeVal product (consumers). Retailers, resellers, wholesalers and veterinarians can therefore not make use of this.
  • If we see strong indications that our quality guarantee is being abused in any case, we reserve the right not to refund your purchase amount.